Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scheisse fressen

Outside the airport in Stuttgart, waiting for the other lods to pick us up

Right... As you've noticed we have had some problems again with the router-stations, it's still not up to the Grave standards as we're used to in good old Sweden!!!

The internet shouldn't be fucking around before the morning-grogg

The tour with Obituary and Pathology has been going for eight days already, but we have only been doing four gigs so far. Tonight will be the fifth gig in Haarlem, Holland. The gigs in Ludwigsburg, Cologne, Munich and Bochum were great with good respons from the crowd. Unfortunately the venue in Paris burned down just a day before we went on tour so that gig had to be cancelled, so we got one extra day off. So what do you do when you have a day off? Recover and take it easy? Nah, you can say that alcohol were a big part of the days off we had so far. We were at a crazy headbanging disco in Ludwigsburg, the kind of things that only can happen in Germany it seems. Hundreds of people going insane to Rammstein and other German friendly music. But it was nice to just hang out there and get to know the guys in Pathology and Obituary better, and they are all great people so we think this will be one hell of a tour!

The legendary Ralph Santolla from Obituary, Deicide, Sebastian Bach, Death, Millenium, Iced Earth, Tardy Brothers, Hollow, Eyewitness and Stare etc...

Tobi and Trevor from Obituary discussing some delicious bbq-recipes

The tour bus we have is very nice with large enough bunks for the tall vikings in Grave and we have nice lounge downstairs with stereo and tv`s, video games, fridge, microwawe etc. Tonight we´re looking forward to rip Haarlem up real bad! We actually are pretty sure that we will rock the socks of the Dutch people tonight.

The lounge in our tourbus

The bus is apparently sponsored by Fonzie and Potsie

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's time to hit the road again, follow the madness here!

Thursday March 24th we kick off the "Metal Chainsaw Massacre" European tour in Ludwigsburg, Germany at Rockfabrik. Stay tuned for updates on what the hell's goin' on.