Friday, October 11, 2013

Monday, September 5, 2011

Toronto, Canada..

After many days of nights of trying to figure out what to post next on the blog we
finally decided to make one of the most important informational updates ever..

Here ya go;)

Dimebags family tree:
The middle eastern father of 'em all: Bagdad
The homeless dude: Trash bag
The homeless grandma: Bag lady
The english fag: Tea bag
The rapper: Rhyme bag
The asshole: Douchebag
The gay flight attendant: Carry on bag
The chinese guy: Rice bag
The shoppaholic sister: Shopping bag
The N.Y italian car mechanic: Grease bag
The nasty dude: Slime bag
The junkie: Crack bag
The Obituary composer: Body bag
The black rapper who never finishes his meal at restaurants: Snoop Doggy bag
The weed smoking dude who was in Pantera: Dimebag
The guy who wrote songs for James Brown: Papa's got a brand new bag
The tired guy in ZZ Top: Sleeping bag
The coroner dude on Csi: Toe tag Body bag
The bulimic: Barf bag
The homo: Fag bag
The toilet cleaner: Shit bag
The ignorant brother: Scum bag
The polish cousin: Potato bag
The prostitute: Cum bag
The one that costs you money: Whore bag 
The future wife: Slut bag
The african american cousins: Crime bag
The bum on the corner: Paper bag
The mexican cousin: Taco Bell bag
The black second cousin: KFC bag
The colombian drug lord uncle: Cocaine bag
The guy at the check-in router: Bag tag
The stay at home mom on Walmart: Grocery bag


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oooooh say can you seeeee...

First gig on the US tour in Tampa, Florida. We started the day by going to Lettuce Lake Park where we walked around on a boardwalk looking at different animals and cool vegetation. We saw turtles, birds and two baby alligators, it was hot as hell there.
Baby Gator in Lettuce Lake Park

4 Very cool dudes in da swamp..

At the venue we met up with our friends in Pathology who we toured in europe with in April and who will follow us on this tour as well. 
After a while Trevor Peres from Obituary came as well, he will be our tour manager on this tour, so we´re pretty sure we will have a good time.
Mr. Peres

Terry Butler (Obituary, Denial Fiend, Massacre, ex. Six Feet Under, ex, Death) will be our bus driver so we feel very secure with him behind the wheel. The gig at the Brass Mug went just fine, the Swedish death metal seems to be working fine even in Florida. We had a few friends coming to the gig such as John Tardy and Ralph Santolla from Obituary, Punchy (tour manager for Morbid Angel, Nile etc.) After the gig we had a few hours to party before we had to leave because we had a long drive up to Raleigh the next day.

Our fantastic ride and left to right: Dimebag, The Colonel and Timmy

Raleigh, North Carolina. We had a few people who bought the so called VIP ticket that we hanged out with for a while, took some pics, signed some posters. If you have this ticket you´re allowed to get in to the venue early, hang out with the bands watch the sound checks etc. Tanja Schoor from Century Media came before the gig, we hung out for a while then we went with her for dinner at a restaurant. Nice to get away from the tour bus and venue for a while. The gig went great, the people were really energetic and enthusiastic. After the gig we where really tired and there was not much partying going on. This night we had a hotel so we went there to get some well deserved sleep.

Stay tuned y'all..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Land of the free, Home of the brave...

When we arrived at the Tampa airport we were picked up by Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen. We went to our hotel and then for a nice dinner at Hooters, we wanna enjoy as much of the American culture as we can while we´re here.
Yesterday we went for some shoping at Walmart and Best Buy, Ronnie bought a video camera so hopefully we will be able to get some cool video clips up on the blog during the tour. Yesterday evening we were invited home to Ralph Santollas mother for a BBQ party, it was really great, we were treated like royalties and we dont think any of us has ever eaten that much in our lifes before. We ate and drank constantly for about eight ours, we took breaks swiming in the pool while getting ready to be served the next meal. After the food bonanza we were more then ready to head back to the hotel for some sleep. 

We can also recoment that you all read Ola Lindgrens Health Blog, he will share his tips and tricks to stay in shape while on tour, it will be very edjucating indeed;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scheissen heissen weissen

It might seem that we're slow with our updates but the truth is that we've just been so "fucking busy" (as a good friend of ours would say) by doing absolutely nothing! Plus as usual the router station issues...

*No comment*
The show at the Majestic Music Club in Bratislava, Slovakia was really cool. 113 735 screaming and headbanging fans came out and rocked their socks of.
Bologna, Italy and like the last time we were in Italy... not that many people did show up. Actually, we think it was the same dog with it's owner that was at this show as at the show in Padova on the last tour. The catering was much better this time though and that's always a plus! Where do all metalheads go to in Italy when there's a gig? Well, not on the gigs, that's for sure... Making pizza maybe? 
Anyway, better luck next time and for you who wasn't there... Your loss!

The turn up in Bologna
On a day off in Austra, Toby had to go to the hospital to get his severly bad back fixed, he got an infusion in his arm and some prescripted medicine.
Montpellier in France. The venue was like the size of our rehearsel room and the show became one hell of a hot and darn sexy one.. One of the best ones of the tour! We really rocked the fans in Montpellier's cock of!

Toby rippin' it up while getting some medicin in the hospital

Mr Santolla's getting his medicin at Lidl in Arnoldsville
What about Spain then... well.
There were of corpse some major fuck up with an ass promoter which wanted to cancel all the shows that he booked. Granada, which later was moved to Sevilla BUT ended up being in a small city called Almeria.. He also were supposed to book the show in Madrid.. Anyway, the first show in Spain was in Valencia and that one is THE best show so far of the tour.. completely insane crowd but in a good way! Tons of crowd surfing going on and lots of stagediving. We even got police escort to the venue from outside the town!

Valencia "river hela haket"
Lets go back to the ass that wanted to cancel the shows then, A friend of Obituary, Juan was contacted and he mananged to re-arrange the shows that this mother fucker fucked up just in 3 days.
The show in Almeria was ok, about the same amount people showed up as when we played the same place with Nile a couple of years ago... The Madrid show was also ok considering the short notice and change of venue... That show for us ended up in a really bad way though as some drunken fucking jerk got up on stage and of corpse stepped on Ola's pedal board, so one of the cables broke and guitar died, then he pushed away Ola from the mic and started to growl. We were not able to fix the the guitar so we had to cut the set short, for the third time Grave did not play Into The Grave

These guys did a smashing version of Into the Grave instead
People...listen up... IF you for some unknown reason have to get up on stage, don't just stand there and make a fucken mess for the bands.. Get the fuck off the stage ASAP!!! 
The chance/risk that you'll get a foot up your ass is really big and we're not gonna play Mr Nice Guy anymore. If you come up, you can be just as sure as the Pope is Polish that you'll be thrown or kicked of very very very fast!!! Just so you know what you're getting yourselves into! 
The stage = Band area... 
The floor infront of the stage = Audience area... Capiche!!?

If not, these two bad ass mother fuckers will kick you sorry ass!!!

...And you'll end up looking like this!
Tonite we ripped Lahr in Germania apart!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extremely Rocking Flesh

A train robber apparently managed the router station in Poland
After 3 really good shows, Krakow, Warzaw and Berlin, we finally got to the heart of Germany.. Leipzig!!!

We had some days off in Warzaw and Krakow so we grabbed our back-packs and went to a 4 Star Hotel in Krakow... 4 Stars in "Polish standards" there is...
None of us have slept that bad so far on this tour and remember, we're 18 dudes living close to each other in a bus...

One of the guys from the infamous "Kurwa-crew".. drum-tech Vacek came out to see us and we had quite a few beers together.
We think it's safe to say that we all felt the downside of beer drinking and Hellraising the day after in Warzaw, but it was worth it!
The show in Warzaw was great and that day, Oscar from Pathology had his 21th birthday so we arranged a stripper in his honour. 
She really stripped it up and he really ripped it up, hahaha... ;-) And so did the rest of us...
Unfortunatelly we were not aloud to take any photos of the show.

Oscar's birthday cake
Birthday boy, happy after the strip-show
K17 in Berlin, awesome show! One of the better ones on this tour so far with 112 000's of screaming fans!
The show in Leipzig was also a kick ass one... We had grandma front row, headbanging her grey hair more then anyone else in the crowd.. it was freaking scary but still bad ass!!!
Some of the guys went to a apparently really weird gothic/freakshow-bar after and Ola and Trevor ripped it up as usual in the bus until early noon.

Mic Mac at the monster party in Leipzig
The Lods, rippin' it up
James Hetfield..?
Mic Mac doing a Head and Shoulder promo pic
Tobi reaching for the apples
Last night Prague got the leathel dose of death metal played the right way = Old-School!!!
Packed club and scheisse... that was really an Epic ass-sweating show... mmm, yummy!
Tonite we'll destroy Majestic Music Club in Bratislava, Slovakia!!!