Monday, November 29, 2010

Coz We're Warriors (warriors) of Ghengis Khan

Massive Swedish router station

Inside the Swedish high tech router station

This is trve band width
Once again we've been cursed by the "False-internet-connection-Gods" in southern and central Europe... so, we'll try and update you about what's been going on the last week of the tour now when we're back in Sweden, which as you can see above, have some really powerful router stations compared to the rest of Europe!

We had an awesome and successful gig in Paris (where we finally met our myspace-site-designer Hicham who had his birthday that day) with almost 11000's of "fläktar" in the audience. After the gig the local sound guy at Glazart came to our backstage room and started to yell at Ola and said that Grave was a very unprofessional band. He complained that we took to long time to do our line-check etc. The show was already delayed with 10 minutes and we took 20 minutes instead of the scheduled 15 minutes to do our changeover and line-check before we started our set and apparently it was our fault that it all took such a long time. After 20 minutes of yelling he finally gave up and went of, what a douchebag. During Arsis set, he sat and read a book instead of doing what he were supposed to do, do a proper sound so who's the unprofessional one!!? During the day he'd also been a real pain in the ass, trying to rush the rigging and sound-check, meaning "it's better for you if you do it quick. Then you'll have more time to smoke and drink..." Oh well... Pro..?

London on a Monday, what can you expect? Well, it was fukkin great! Lots of people at Underworld club, which is located in Camden, a very cool part of London town.
After our set, Ronnie threw out some drum-sticks which caused a fist fight between 3 guys and 1 gal. As the true gentleman he is, he of course gave the girl a new stick and let the other 3 soccer hooligans fight for the other one. It all ended with the security guard throwing them out from the venue.
Next up was Dublin, Ireland, a very nice town indeed. Ola and Tobias took a walk around town, went to the Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) statue, and then went to the pub next to it and had a nice meal with fish and chips and some Guinness beer. After the gig, when we were all about to leave, two random guys tried to sneak into our tour bus, Mark from Misery Index told them to leave but then they dragged him out of the bus and tried to start a fight with him. At that time it was only Mark and Magnus on the bus so Magnus ran out when he saw what was going on. One of the guys started to swing at Mark and when Magnus tried to stop it, the guy tried to hit him instead, but Magnus blocked his punch and then just hit him back, right in this forehead instead -  great success! At that time more people from the tour started to notice what was going on and we all just tried to get the guys to leave, but they just kept on screaming at us. Guess the guys were only looking for someone to pick a fight with. Well, we had a buscall so we had to leave, maybe they found somebody else who were up for a drunken fight with them during the night.

Awesome name for a burrito. Dublin has good taste
The gig in Plymouth -  UK was nice. It was actually a real brutal show. One guy stage dived through the Misery Index set and fell so bad that he cracked his nose.

Isn't he cute, our sound guy?

Amen to that

Every backstage need to have dicks drawn at the wall
The show in Gent, Belgium was also cool. Although Ola and Ronnie had set a new party-record for the tour and went to bed 1:00 in the afternoon... Ronnie nearly fell of his drum-throne during the Gent show... Very pro indeed...
Tilburg in Holland is a very nice town and the 013 venue is a really good venue, we'd say it's one of the best ones in whole Europe! At that gig we met up with another tour that is going around in Europe at the moment, our good friends in Interment, Diabolical and also the Finnish band Urn plus Black Breath from the US were also playing that same night. It was really nice to meet up with the other Swedish guys, it is always welcomed to see some fresh faces after just seeing the same 23,71 people every day for a month. Johan and Perra from Interment ended the evening in our backstage room, telling one weird story after another, completely loaded with vodka/redbull. It was a great night, but as always we had to leave to soon.

Last gig on the tour - Leipzig, Germany. It always feels kinda strange when it´s time for the last gig, but the feeling today was really good. Over all this had been a very good tour with lots of cool people, not a single asshole in the whole tour package, but as long as you are into metal it is easy to get along, you will always have something in common. The venue tonight was packed, we did a really good gig with a crazy headbanging audience, this ended up being one of the better shows on the tour. It is always nice to end a tour with a great gig. As always on the last gig on tour it was time fore some pranks, halfway through Misery Index set, we went up and decorated their stage with loads of flowerpots that we found backstage, it looked really nice indeed, not very metal though. After the gig we had the usual beers and Jack Daniel´s shots, we hung out with the people, took some fan pics, wrote at least 11000's autographs before it was time to leave to go to Frankfurt airport to head back to good old Sweden. To sum it up, it has been one hell of a tour, great gigs, great people, and many liters of alcohol.

22 guys, 27 days... So much space
Ronnie's 1 room apartment on the tour
Magnus rippin' it up in his bunk

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