Sunday, November 21, 2010

We don't have the proper people, we need a proper driver, a proper tour manager, a proper bass player....

A complex of Spanish quality router stations
French router station
 Alright, where to begin... Luynes, France. Our good friend Rose Vignat came by but other than that, this night was NOT a night to remember. As usual, Jason Netherton, bass player in Misery Index, went out for his daily dose of bird-watching with his binoculars. Or as we've suspected for a long time now; He's looking for our dinner.

Next day, Wednesday, the tour ripped up the Mephisto club in Barcelona, Spain. Again there were no less than 11000's of banging metal maniacs in the crowd. Later that night we were led to a back alley street where there was darkness and fog, and a small bar called Valhalla. A cool place with strong and cheap drinks. In fact it was so cool that we almost missed our bus call. Guys in The Last Felony and James in Arsis was having a field-day with a hair trimmer outside the bus when we finally got back. Inverted crosses shaved into facial and body hair. Bass player in The Last Felony, Seb Painchaud, got his eyebrows shaved off, and then remembered 5 minutes later that they were going to have a photo session two days time. So we decided to paint him some new ones. Great success!

Ola and Tobias rippin' it up in the tank
Thursday night in Madrid, Spain was a real blast! There were rumors about a strip show on the stage after the bands had played and everybody was excited about it. And what a show it was! Why don't they have anything like that in Sweden? Two girls and a dildo! After seeing two freshly shaved spanish pussys being spread open and penetrated, we all had a hard time in the bus when we left for Bilbao. Except Magnus, Grave, and Seb from The Last Felony, who were backstage by themselves during the strip show. Baguette fight?

Bilbao on a Friday night seems to be a cool thing. Lots of fläktar (fans) showing up. Some with wooden teeth and some with glasses and many of them with mullets! Ola was taken by the moment and got an autograph written on his bare chest by a pretty fläkt (fan). After the show we had to tear down the backline real fast because they were starting up a disco at the venue. 11000's of disco-craving spaniards pouring in to the compound. We had to evacuate the bus from the parking lot or else we would have been stuck in it for the night.

Saturday, Really cool venue, Le Ferrailleur, by the sea in Nantes, France. Small intimate place with a good atmosphere and feeling to it. We got a home cooked meal by the in-house chef, who also doubled as a photographer, that was really good and much needed. The crowd was absolutely crazy. We lost track of the number of stagedives and crowdsurfs going on that night. The French fans (fläktar) showed their absolutely best side. Thank you so much! Not much else was going on though. Maybe we are too old for this shit?!

2 extremely old geezers at work


  1. "After seeing two freshly shaved spanish pussys being spread open and penetrated, we all had a hard time in the bus when we left for Bilbao."

    Real friends help each other out during hard times.