Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grave? What about 'em?


Arlanda 05:30 AM, checked in everything and ripped it up L.A-Style at the bar! That means 4 beers and 2 bottle of Ramlösa.

Tobias, Peter (our soundguy) and Ola is partying like motherfuckers at Arlanda airport.

Mike, 2010-kurva crew

After a soft flight to Amsterdam we met the tour manager and our merchandiser at the airport, took a cab to the venue De Kade. We were very excited about our new backdrop and wanted to check it out right away but... 

What's wrong with this picture!!?

Great success as our friends from Poland would say.

All the bands, Misery Index, Arsis, The Last Felony and The Rotted seems to be really cool and nice guys so this should be a killer tour. After the gig we hung out in the tourbus, listened to 70´s Scorpions and Anthrax and had some beers and whiskey shots before we hit the bunk.
Tonight in Bochum we're expecting like 13 000 screaming people... As usual!
To have panties and random underwear thrown at us... As usual! Now we have to go, the line of groupies outside the venue is building up and tonight we're gonna RIP IT UP Bochum-Style!!!

The venue in Zaandam - De Kade

Ola and Magnus is discussing the awesomeness of this tour.

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