Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It says sausages up there!

Tuesday Nov 2nd
Good drinking day. In fact it was a great drinking day so we don't remember very much from the gig. Leif, our German friend and legal advisor, came to the show. He had only one advice; "Drink more grogg!"

Beer of the day - Astra
Ola - The founding member of Grave.

Ronnie gets a blowjob

No glam-rockers allowed!

 Then we ripped it up Autobahn-style with an 80's metal party. When the bottles were empty, the sight of Misery Index's JD bottles caught our attention. We drank them immediately before Jason and the other guys in MI could react.

Later on Ola gave Darin (Misery Index) a lesson on swedish doom and assaulted him with Epicus Doomicus Metallicus and the poor lad was blown away. Tobbe got a crash-course in thrash with Deathrow, a very early Grave influence. The rest of the playlist for the night contained Scoripions (as usual), Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, RATT and King Diamond among others. Today we are in Hamburg and we expect thousands of screaming thrashing maniacs at the show. And tomorrow we´re gonna rip it up Kassel style!


  1. Kassler i Kassel?
    Vem ska ha nätstrumpor?

    Missa inte Herkules-borgen!

  2. Kassel! Mmmm...hälsa Rådhustrappan från mig...
    Klipp Klopp...