Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extremely Rocking Flesh

A train robber apparently managed the router station in Poland
After 3 really good shows, Krakow, Warzaw and Berlin, we finally got to the heart of Germany.. Leipzig!!!

We had some days off in Warzaw and Krakow so we grabbed our back-packs and went to a 4 Star Hotel in Krakow... 4 Stars in "Polish standards" there is...
None of us have slept that bad so far on this tour and remember, we're 18 dudes living close to each other in a bus...

One of the guys from the infamous "Kurwa-crew".. drum-tech Vacek came out to see us and we had quite a few beers together.
We think it's safe to say that we all felt the downside of beer drinking and Hellraising the day after in Warzaw, but it was worth it!
The show in Warzaw was great and that day, Oscar from Pathology had his 21th birthday so we arranged a stripper in his honour. 
She really stripped it up and he really ripped it up, hahaha... ;-) And so did the rest of us...
Unfortunatelly we were not aloud to take any photos of the show.

Oscar's birthday cake
Birthday boy, happy after the strip-show
K17 in Berlin, awesome show! One of the better ones on this tour so far with 112 000's of screaming fans!
The show in Leipzig was also a kick ass one... We had grandma front row, headbanging her grey hair more then anyone else in the crowd.. it was freaking scary but still bad ass!!!
Some of the guys went to a apparently really weird gothic/freakshow-bar after and Ola and Trevor ripped it up as usual in the bus until early noon.

Mic Mac at the monster party in Leipzig
The Lods, rippin' it up
James Hetfield..?
Mic Mac doing a Head and Shoulder promo pic
Tobi reaching for the apples
Last night Prague got the leathel dose of death metal played the right way = Old-School!!!
Packed club and scheisse... that was really an Epic ass-sweating show... mmm, yummy!
Tonite we'll destroy Majestic Music Club in Bratislava, Slovakia!!! 


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  1. Get sleep before the US tour. Will be seeing you on the first night in TAMPA, FL