Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A true story

Router station d'lux in Riga
Ok, we'll just set the record straight right away here:

When we do our normal tours and shows like we're used to, you know... Travelling with our own private jet, HUGE packed, sold out arena shows, like Madison Square Garden, The Ericsson Globe, Olympic Stadium in Moscow and such...
The internet actually works, but not this time...
Oh well...

Our extremely fancy private jets

Hotel room for true METAL KINGS
After 3 absolutely majestic and legendery shows in Helsinki, Riga and Villnius we've had 2
days off (again...*yawn*) in the glorius and very very colourful country of Poland.
Petri, our PRO-merch-guy from the Misery Index tour last Nov came by, plus some other friends. We did like the Motörhead song says; "Rocked out, with our cocks out" at Perkele metal bar after the show.

Just a normal evening on the bus
At the ferry ride to Riga, Ronnie, Mika and Tobias annoyed the other passengers at the boat by singing classic Swedish schlager-hits from the 80's. Some examples would be "Rytmen av ett regn" with Millas Mirakel and "Det finns bara en av oss" with Efva Attling.

The band that played on the ferry to Finland. Apparently they have Chris Reifert from Autopsy in the band, or is it Szandor LaVey? Or maybe Vincent Crowley from Acheron...
Of the 3 shows, especially the Villnius show was bad ass!!! We totally ripped it up Santolla/Peres way, during
our set but even more during the after-party! Free beer and booze all fucken' night.
We can assure you that all of us felt like real winners the following day!
The kids in Pathology also managed with a little help from a few old-timers to empty every drop of fine expensive liquor in the bus at the first day off, in Warsaw!
Today we're gonna show the metalheads in Krakow what we're made of!!

A male cougar..?

*Call me*


  1. *Awesome* gig in Krakow/Poland! Thanks!
    It was not so crowded as supposed to be, mainly because of Slayer who did a bloody great show day before. Nevertheless, you made it. GravE rocks!

  2. Jojo, naj naj :). Nya myssen är ju bara kung hahahaha. Skönt att ni håller stilen gubbs! :)

    // Mangan