Monday, April 4, 2011

... the Madness continues

Router station-owner

What a crazy party it was yesterday in Demark, Copenhagen! Since we´ll have a few days off pretty much everybody decided to go all in on this party. Ola got a nice birthday cake from the Obituary's - a pigs head with the Danish flag stuffed in its nose and some black candles around the whole creation.

Birthday cake - redneck style

Ching ching my n****z

Two Swedish friends from Finspång also came to hang out with us in Copenhagen. Dennis, who's Mika's personal driver and Robert Karlsson (Facebreaker, Scar Symmetry, Tormented ex. Edge of Sanity) who made a stage dive that nearly cost him his life during our set. 
After our gig at The Rock there was an afterparty for the Dansish tattoo convention and apparently all the best tattoo artists in the world were there. It was fun to just sit and drink beer and watch all the freaks rockin on the dancefloor. 

Find 3 faults
Last friday we ripped up Oldenburg, Germany and on saturday we did the same in Aarhus, Demark. It was a festival in Aarhus, also playing were Hail of Bullets, Artillery etc. 
During the day Trevor from Obituary brought out the grill he had bought the other day, he had also got stakes and meat for everybody on the tour. Terry spiced it up with his own barbaque sauce, "T-Bone’s Famous." It was awesome and delicious, he masters the grill just as he masters heavy riffs. We already looking forward to the next time the grill will be brought out.

Pork chopped in half

Obituary rippin' it up Florida style
The night in Aarhus ended in total debauchery, the festival provided us with too much Jägermeister for our own good. We all woke up the next day with a total hangover. 
Now we will have a couple of days off that we will spend at home in Sweden before the next gig in Helsinki, Finland. It will be nice to sleep in your own bed before its time to hit the road again..

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy

Ralph gets some guitar lessons from the main shredder of this tour


  1. A was at the CPH gig - absolutely one of the best concerts ever! Couldn't make it to the festival in
    Århus, so a really nice surprise to discover you also played in CPH.
    See you at Hellfest this summer!

    \m/ Gorm