Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oooooh say can you seeeee...

First gig on the US tour in Tampa, Florida. We started the day by going to Lettuce Lake Park where we walked around on a boardwalk looking at different animals and cool vegetation. We saw turtles, birds and two baby alligators, it was hot as hell there.
Baby Gator in Lettuce Lake Park

4 Very cool dudes in da swamp..

At the venue we met up with our friends in Pathology who we toured in europe with in April and who will follow us on this tour as well. 
After a while Trevor Peres from Obituary came as well, he will be our tour manager on this tour, so we´re pretty sure we will have a good time.
Mr. Peres

Terry Butler (Obituary, Denial Fiend, Massacre, ex. Six Feet Under, ex, Death) will be our bus driver so we feel very secure with him behind the wheel. The gig at the Brass Mug went just fine, the Swedish death metal seems to be working fine even in Florida. We had a few friends coming to the gig such as John Tardy and Ralph Santolla from Obituary, Punchy (tour manager for Morbid Angel, Nile etc.) After the gig we had a few hours to party before we had to leave because we had a long drive up to Raleigh the next day.

Our fantastic ride and left to right: Dimebag, The Colonel and Timmy

Raleigh, North Carolina. We had a few people who bought the so called VIP ticket that we hanged out with for a while, took some pics, signed some posters. If you have this ticket you´re allowed to get in to the venue early, hang out with the bands watch the sound checks etc. Tanja Schoor from Century Media came before the gig, we hung out for a while then we went with her for dinner at a restaurant. Nice to get away from the tour bus and venue for a while. The gig went great, the people were really energetic and enthusiastic. After the gig we where really tired and there was not much partying going on. This night we had a hotel so we went there to get some well deserved sleep.

Stay tuned y'all..

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