Monday, September 5, 2011

Toronto, Canada..

After many days of nights of trying to figure out what to post next on the blog we
finally decided to make one of the most important informational updates ever..

Here ya go;)

Dimebags family tree:
The middle eastern father of 'em all: Bagdad
The homeless dude: Trash bag
The homeless grandma: Bag lady
The english fag: Tea bag
The rapper: Rhyme bag
The asshole: Douchebag
The gay flight attendant: Carry on bag
The chinese guy: Rice bag
The shoppaholic sister: Shopping bag
The N.Y italian car mechanic: Grease bag
The nasty dude: Slime bag
The junkie: Crack bag
The Obituary composer: Body bag
The black rapper who never finishes his meal at restaurants: Snoop Doggy bag
The weed smoking dude who was in Pantera: Dimebag
The guy who wrote songs for James Brown: Papa's got a brand new bag
The tired guy in ZZ Top: Sleeping bag
The coroner dude on Csi: Toe tag Body bag
The bulimic: Barf bag
The homo: Fag bag
The toilet cleaner: Shit bag
The ignorant brother: Scum bag
The polish cousin: Potato bag
The prostitute: Cum bag
The one that costs you money: Whore bag 
The future wife: Slut bag
The african american cousins: Crime bag
The bum on the corner: Paper bag
The mexican cousin: Taco Bell bag
The black second cousin: KFC bag
The colombian drug lord uncle: Cocaine bag
The guy at the check-in router: Bag tag
The stay at home mom on Walmart: Grocery bag


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