Friday, November 5, 2010

...and what've you been doing for the past 4 years? Working in a bank!

Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th.

Sorry, all 11 000's of Grave-blog followers but the internet-connection in the German reich is not up to Grave-standards...

German router station

Markthalle in Hamburg, yet again a good drinking day.
Jenny 'Nanny' Magnusson came by and Ronnie handled her the cheese doodles
she ordered, she looked satisfied.
Then it was time to fix the backdrop so we went into town, walked for hours looking for something to fix it with, we went to several different shoemakers etc. Finally we found what we were looking for and we headed back to the venue. Mikael, one of our many roadies on this tour put on his "gloves of metal" and with an "iron will" And a "hammer of the north" he gave the backdrop a "touch of evil"
The gig went really good, the death metallers in Hamburg showed us what they were made of - Pure German STEEL!

Tobias showing off with the "Hammer of the North"

The three musketörerna

Mikael found Y's from Fatal Smile's stage prop

Kassel on a thursday, hell yeah! We took a walk into the city, saw a porn shop in classic German style. Later we did a soundcheck, the first one we´ve done on this tour so far. Before the gig we joked around backstage with some cool stage moves, so we decided to try some on stage. Magnus and Tobias did the crab walk - Immortal style, and Ola and Tobias tried some Scorpions moves. Both attempts ended with epic fail. The night ended on the bus with beer, vodka, whiskey and metal music on the stereo. We riped it up with the usual: Scorpions, Def Leppard Ozzy etc. and also some Craft. Ola, Tobias and Darin (Misery Index) had a very serious discussion on Venom vs. Celtic Frost.

Tomorrow we're gonna rip it up Zabrze style!

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