Sunday, November 7, 2010

Screw it, we are a rock band. Make it a 100 pints of lager!

5/11 - Berlin. Today we used the backdrop for the first time on this tour. It looked killer! The gig went great, K17 is a nice venue to play at, good sound and cool lights, and of course meatloaf for dinner as usual. After the gig there was an afterparty in the same building, it was four floors with different kinds of metal on every floor, the K17 extravagansa. We ripped it up in true Grave style! The party continued on the bus with the usual stuff going on.

The TRVE milk-chocolate!

The beer of the day

Pre-show picture of the stage

Lodie and Zodie folding the backdrop

6/11 - Zabrze (Poland) We woke up with a total hangover. Most of us didn´t get out of bed until 6pm. The venue was in a barn-like building heated by open fire places. The gig went great, the crowd consisted of 11000´s of crazy vodka drinking, glue sniffing maniacs. We played so loud so the monitor system gave up at the end of the set, so we disconnected it. Since we were all a bit hungover today we took it pretty easy after the gig. The Americans took care of the partying on the bus this time, ending up with vomits  in the trash can and red wine spilled all over the tables. Tomorrow we're gonna rip it up Bratislava style!