Monday, November 15, 2010

Burning looting, raping shooting!

Italian router station

Italian router station employees
 Italy = No coffee, no pizza, no wine, no cigarettes, 1 dedicated fan (a dog) called Pluto and really, really, REALLY bad pasta! Luckily 2 female friends came by in Vicenza with a nice bottle of local wine... and pepper-spray.
They decided to try out the spray inside our bus, so we had to evacuate it for an hour or so.. Great success!

Fine red wine from our female friends
The audience were very lame and that unfortunately goes for whole Italy this time, only Rome was ok but that show collided with Cathedral and Steve Vai so there were less than eleven thousands fläktar (fans) when Grave pummeled on. We also did some sightseeing in Rome, went to Colosseum among other places. James, the singer in Arsis decided to take a little trip of his own though. He needed to take a shit at a local pizzeria and the pizza-man demanded that he had to order a pizza in order to use their toilet. There was no sign from him in several hours and the rest of the guys in Arsis were a bit worried. Eventually he found his way back to the venue in time to do the show.

Our sound guy Peter's breakfast in Vicenza
*No comment*

Roman warrior, threatening Peter outside the Italian router station
Today we are in Luzern, Switzerland and finally got some decent food on our plates. On our way to the venue our buss got hit by truck on the highway and we lost our left rear view mirror. Close Call.

Tomorrow we will rip it up frog-eater style in Luynes, France.


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