Friday, November 12, 2010

Who's that playing bass?

Slovenian routing station
As you've probably noticed, the internet STILL isn't up to Grave standards but here we go again on our own. Going down the only road we've ever known. Like drifters we're born to walk alone. So we made up our mind, we ain't wasting no more time. Now it's time for grogg!

The last couple of shows has been really good for all the bands. Especially last night at the Gala Hala in Ljubljana, that show killed! Robert Kovacic, good friend of Magnus and session-drummer for Belphegor and many others, was a welcome guest. The shows in Bratislava and Vienna were also nights to remember. Especially in Vienna when we had time to dance like motherfuckers at some shit hole bar, all thanks to a late bus-call. We invented the 'Pure Holocaust'-grogg (drink); Jim Beam and your favorite energy drink. It really does the trick. There were also, as usual, hooters in our faces all night long.

The brave heroes in The Rotted rescued Peter's jacket from the Gala Hala for us! They informed us that there was 100% no money in it when they found it and not to ask them about how they got their van resprayed this morning, its just pure coincedence!!

One of many shitty setlists so far, more to come!
 Tobias left his gig-panties in Ostrava, Czech Republic so he went out on a shopping spree in Vienna to get some new unisex pants. He's looking so smoking hot these days! He's also forgot his expensive earplugs somewhere.

Over the last years Tobias has also lost:

4 T-shirts
1 Cellphone
2 Pair of earplugs
3 Digital cameras
1 Wireless system
1 Video camera
1 Leather jacket
1 DVD movie
4 Instrument cables
1 Passport

Tonight Grave has emerged in Bruneck/Bolzana in the northern parts of Italy. Nice surroundings with the Alps so close you can touch them. Good catering and very, very good grogg. Tonights performance will include 'For Your God' in the setlist and the guys have been setting up some sick harmonizers to some of the vocal parts.


p.s. tomorrow we'll be ripping it up Vicenza-style d.s

Beer of the day... somewhere...

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